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We created this print-on-demand evaluation process after hearing God-awful stories about what our competitors were charging authors for identical print-on-demand services. No, we don't mean similar print-on-demand services. We mean identical print-on-demand services. We use the same printer as many of the larger POD companies, so we can offer identical printing and distribution services. We can offer all this and still give you competitive list price options, a better royalty rate, a better pay-out schedule, deeper discounts when buying your own book, and more innovative marketing resources. Plus we don't take any rights and you can terminate your contract via email with just 24 hours notice. You'll need a quick termination if you land a traditional publishing contract.

We care about who we work with and what books we take on. Not everyone gets in the door by simply paying, like they do with the vast majority of companies in this industry. BookLocker is selective about what it puts into the market. As a result we have customers who buy repeatedly from us and our authors get more personalized attention. All authors work directly with Angela Hoy, not a nameless customer service rep.

So if you are currently with a competing service, please take a moment to see if BookLocker can give you a better deal.

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