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Six Reasons Not To Use BookLocker

Six Reasons Not To Use BookLocker

We’re not going to give you some sales bull about how we are the best for every author. Here are six reasons why BookLocker, and Print on Demand publishing in general, would not be a good match for you:

1.) If the primary way you want to sell your print book is through bookstores, please understand that is unlikely, whether you self-publish or land a traditional contract. Most books are purchased online now anyway.

More than one million books are published each year now and bookstores don’t stock the vast majority of those, including traditionally published books. There simply isn’t enough shelf space. However, people can walk into their local bookstore, and order our books. They can also order a copy from,,,,, and many other online bookstores across the globe. Ebooks can be purchased from,, Apple, Kobo (Canada’s popular ebook retailer), and Overdrive, which sells ebooks to more than 40K libraries and schools in 70 countries.

BookLocker authors who are making the most money are selling their books directly to the customer through,, and/or their own websites.

2.) If you are not comfortable interacting entirely online, we are not the company for you. All our interaction is done via email and our author messaging system. We find it the fastest, most efficient way to get a book up for sale. In large part, only interacting with authors online is why BookLocker can get books on the market faster (4-6 weeks max), and can pay better royalty rates than our competitors.

3.) If you don’t want to market your book, we are definitely the wrong company for you. Our entire business is built around helping authors cost-effectively find their market. Self publishing (POD and ebooks) combined with the Internet offers the best way for new authors to do this without dishing out thousands of dollars. For a lot less, our authors can get a book published and into the market to see what their book’s potential is. And, because BookLocker takes no rights and has a cancel-at-any-time contract, books with potential can easily be taken to the next level, including the sale of the rights to a traditional publisher.

4.) If you are a jerk, you’d be better served by one of our competitors. We don’t work with jerks. We prefer to work with professional individuals…who have manners.

5.) If you don’t care about the quality of your book. Many of our competitors are what we call “author meat markets.” They’ll accept anything and everything. Subsequently, many libraries and bookstores won’t order books from those firms simply based on their track record of spitting thousands of poor-quality books onto the market. Publishing bad books harms publishers and all of their authors. Our excellent reputation is our #1 asset, and is why we are still going strong when so many of our competitors have gone out of business. So, if you don’t care about spelling, grammar, and punctuation, please use one of our competitors.

6.) If are you are located in one of the following countries, or any country in which does not offer their services, we will not be able to work with you.

Countries that U.S. companies are forbidden to do business with: Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan and Syria. See Paypal’s list of accepted countries HERE.

If none of the above six items apply, then we would love to work with you!




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