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Paperback Publication

in approx. 1 month

Expedited Service

(Paperback publication in

approx. 2 weeks!)

Interior Formatting/Design

Assistance & PDF Conversion

Original Paperback
Cover Design 1

ISBN Assignment

for Print + Ebook Editions


U.S. Copyright Registration

(In the author's name, of course.) 

Library of Congress Control Number Registration

(Used by libraries for cataloging.)

Book Trailer:




Category and

Keyword Analysis 2

(Powered by BoostaBook)

Hardcover Combo 3

(Publish a hardcover in addition to your paperback. Includes original hardback cover design.)

Basic Epub/Mobi (ebook) 

Formatting and Distribution 4

(Ebook submissions to Amazon,, Apple, Kobo, Overdrive, and Google Play - a.k.a. Google Books.)

Interior Formatting Verification 5

Cover Verification 5

Non-exclusive Contract

and Author Can Cancel at Any Time 

First Year Annual

Hosting Fee 6

Electronic Galley + Print Galley 7

Print Book Submissions to,,,,, Chapters/Indigo, and Thousands of Other Online Retailers Across the Globe

Print Book Listings in More than 40K Retail, Library, and School/College Systems

Author Volume Discounts

One-on-One Author Support

(Our employees are located

in the U.S.A.)

Dedicated Book Page on BookLocker's Online Bookstore

Espresso Book Machine Availability

Amazon "Look Inside" Excerpt

Free copy of 90+ Days of Promoting Your Book Online

Free copy of 55 Do's and Don'ts of Book Selling

Free One-on-One Marketing Advice

Copies of Your

Production Files 8




Save $883!





$350 add-on

$135 add-on

$99 add-on

$200 add-on


$250 add-on

$249 add-on

$599 add-on


Do It Yourself!


$350 add-on

$468 add-on

$400 add-on

$135 add-on

$99 add-on

$200 add-on


$250 add-on

$249 add-on

$699 add-on


(quote required)

1st one free, then $45 add-on

1st one free, then $45 add-on


"As close to perfection as you're going to find in the world of ebook and POD publishing. The ebook royalties are the highest I've ever seen, and the print royalties are better than average. BookLocker understands what new authors experience, and has put together a package that is the best in the business. You can't go wrong here. Plus, they're selective and won't publish any manuscript just because it's accompanied by a check. Also, the web site is well trafficked. If you can find a POD or epublisher with as much integrity and dedication to selling authors' books, but with lower POD publishing fees, please let me know."
Attorney Mark Levine, author of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing



1. ORIGINAL COVER DESIGN: See samples from BookLocker's cover designer here. (Click on each cover at that link to see the entire cover - front, back and spine). We do NOT use cover templates. Every cover is unique!

2. CATEGORY AND KEYWORD ANALYSIS (Powered by BoostABook): Categories and keywords are what retailers like Amazon use to help buyers find books. Using the wrong categories and keywords when listing/promoting your book can stop a great book from selling many, or even any, copies. Using live shopping data from, as well as other sources, BoostABook will: research all the options; identify the best categories and keywords to fit your book; deliver a report for your approval, and then work directly with BookLocker directly to get those set up for you in the online listings.

3. HARDCOVER COMBO: If you choose the hardcover combo when signing up to publish your paperback, you'll pay only $599. If you wait until later, the cost will be $868. Processing both titles simultaneously saves us and our authors a ton of time.

4. BASIC EPUB/MOBI (EBOOK) FORMATTING AND DISTRIBUTION: Mobi is the ebook format used by Amazon for the Kindle. Epub is the ebook format used to everybody else. Most Epub/Mobi conversions are basic, have 2 or fewer graphics, and include an automated table of contents. Books with more complex formatting like extra graphics, footnotes, endnotes, an index, tables, etc. may require an extra fee. You can request a quote at any time.

5. INTERIOR AND COVER VERIFICATION: For D.I.Y. authors, we will check your first set of files for free, and will send you a list of any formatting/design errors we notice. If you then submit another file with errors, a $45 spec-check fee will need to be paid for us to process each additional file.

6. ANNUAL FILE HOSTING FEE: The first year annual fees ($18) are included in all of our print publishing programs. This fee keeps your book in BookLocker's, the printer's, and Ingram's system. Ingram is the largest book distributor. Other firms charge upwards of $75 per year or more for this exact same service. There are no hosting fees for ebooks.

7. ELECTRONIC GALLEY + PRINT GALLEY: You will receive your final interior file (PDF) for approval. You will also receive the first printed and bound copy of your book to approve.

8. COPIES OF YOUR PRODUCTION FILES: Production files are the print-ready PDF files the printer uses to print your cover and your interior. Most of our competitors either charge authors hundreds of dollars extra for those, or refuse to give them to authors at all. Worse, those publishers claim to own all rights to those production files. This prevents those authors from moving to another publisher or printer in the future. Pretty nasty, huh? All BookLocker authors are the owners of their production files and you can request those at any time after they are finalized and uploaded to the printer. DISCLAIMER: If you contact us more than 10 days after terminating your contract to request copies, we will need to charge a $35 fee to pull those files from our archives.

Package Details

PROFESSIONAL AUTHOR PACKAGE - The exact same services provided by our At-Your-Service Package (details are below) PLUS our most popular add-on items - all at a $883 savings!

AT-YOUR-SERVICE - This is our classic program and it's a simple and quick process. Just send us your manuscript as a word processing file (MSWord preferred) and we'll get right to work. We will send the formatted file to you for any final changes or edits. This program includes original cover design (you will work directly with our designer to ensure your cover is exactly what YOU requested) but you can submit your own cover if you want. It also includes Basic epub/mobi (ebook) services, full distribution, and a LOT more!

D.I.Y. - The author will provide us with professional, ready-to-print interior and cover PDF files. They must be formatted to our specs, which are provided in Step 4 of the publishing process, though you can request this link before you sign up. All authors must receive and approve a print galley (the first printed, bound copy of their book) before that title can be put on the market. Unlike the "other guys," a real human being at BookLocker reviews all D.I.Y. files to ensure they meet the printer's requirements. The "other guys" make you wait for you to receive your print galley to discover you made mistakes. They then charge you more money later to "fix" the problems (that they already knew about!), wasting your time, and costing you more money. You'll then need to buy ANOTHER print galley to review for any additional errors, etc., etc. If a D.I.Y. author submits files with errors, we will send them a list of those errors at no additional charge. If a D.I.Y. author's second set of files also contain errors, the author agrees to pay an additional $45 for BookLocker to process new files, and to send a new list of formatting/design errors. D.I.Y. authors can upgrade to our full-service program at any time.


The Fine Print

BookLocker is NOT a traditional publisher. Authors are responsible for promoting their own books. All authors are provided with a free copy of 90+ DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE: Your Book's Daily Marketing Plan plus a free copy of 50 Do's and Don'ts of Book Seller. We are also happy to provide free advice, and to answer any marketing questions you may have. The marketing products and services offered by "the other guys" usually cost far more than any resulting book sales. We don't do business that way. We know how to promote books and we teach authors how to do so through the books above and through one-on-one correspondence with each author who seeks promotional/marketing advice. We LOVE batting around creative ideas ,targeted to each individual book, with authors who want to increase their sales!

ATTN: D.I.Y. - DO-IT-YOURSELF AUTHORS: If you sign up for the D.I.Y. package, but can't provide the files to our specs, you will need to either hire someone to do the work for you, or you will need to pay our designers for assistance. That means upgrading to one of our full-service publishing packages. If you are not adept at MSWord and design programs, please do not sign up for the D.I.Y. program.

Cancellations prior to work being performed on your book: We understand that authors occasionally need to cancel their contract for a variety of reasons. If you request a refund after payment is made, but before any file transmissions or formatting work is completed on your book, that is fine. However, will retain a 25% cancellation fee to cover labor and transaction costs associated with processing the cancellation. When you pay your fee to us, you are agreeing that you understand a 25% cancellation fee will apply to all fees that were paid. However, if any file transmissions have occurred, or work has begun on your book or cover art, no refunds are permitted. This policy applies to all payments made during sign-up. Refunds are not permitted on D.I.Y. projects.

Read our full contract here.

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