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Are you unhappy with Authorhouse?

Or Createspace, iUniverse, Xlibris, Trafford or Lulu?

There are numerous complaints about these firms online. Author Solutions, the owner of AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Trafford, Xlibris and others even has a class action lawsuit pending against it.

Lulu’s own author forum features numerous complaints.

And, as for CreateSpace, well, just look at this.

The Print On Demand Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

Here’s the dirty little secret of the Print On Demand industry: most of us use the same company to do the printing (though some also farm printing out to other companies for certain sales), and we all distribute our books through Ingram (though some charge extra for that). In these cases, the quality of the physical books and the places to which we sell them are essentially identical. The only real differences are: 1.) the setup fees we charge, 2.) the quality of our customer service, 3.) how fast we get the books to market, and 4.) our business models.

Upselling Authors – Slowly Milking Your Pocketbook

Authorhouse, iUniverse, Xlibris, Trafford, Lulu and Createspace are all very happy to upsell you on more and more of their services – many of which will likely never result in enough resulting book sales to justify the expense. They will accept pretty much any book submitted to them, regardless of quality and regardless of future saleability. They want to squeeze as many authors as they can through their doors, and then drain as much as they can from those authors’ wallets. If they truly cared about quality, they wouldn’t be putting so much garbage on the market, which actually hurts our entire industry.

BookLocker is About Selling Books

Unlike the other guys, BookLocker is not into upselling you stuff that you don’t want or need. Our goal is to get a quality book quickly into the market (usually in a month or less) with the lowest out-of-pocket cost to you. We then try to create an environment that favors book sales.

We feel our approach is a better way to do business. It is a sustainable model for both us and you because it aligns our business interests.

How to Make the Switch to BookLocker

You don’t have to take it from those companies anymore. If you have a black-and-white-interior book (with a full-color cover, of course), you may be able to switch to BookLocker for just $199. We call it our disgruntled author special. And, the switch is easier than you think. We can usually turn a book around in 2-4 weeks, depending on any changes you want to make.

What We Need to Proceed

We just need two things from you: 1.) the original manuscript and 2.) the cover (if you own all rights to it).

Unfortunately, Authorhouse, iUniverse, Xlibris, Trafford and Createspace claim ownership of all the production files (including any version of the manuscript they edited for you, believe it or not) and will not give them up with being paid off with additional funds. Yes, despite the fact that you paid for it, they own it. That doesn’t seem quite right, does it?

Lulu’s policy is not clear (good luck getting them to provide an answer in writing). We do know for certain that, you can’t use that cover anywhere else.

The way around all of this is to give BookLocker the original files – the ones your previous publisher has not touched. If you designed your own cover, or hired your own designer, we can likely use your cover. If not, we can create an original cover design for just $200. You work directly with our designer, and you own all rights to the finished cover upon completion.

At BookLocker, YOU own your production files (yes, the print AND ebook files, including your cover) at the end of our process because it just wouldn’t be right doing business any other way. If you paid for it, you should own it!

Why Authors Choose BookLocker

  • We include everything needed to get the book into the market – formatting, cover design, print proof copy (the first printed/bound copy of your book), barcode, ISBN, distribution through Ingram, the world’s largest book distributor, listings on Amazon,, BooksAMillion, and many other online bookstores worldwide – as well as sales fulfillment directly through our online bookstore, Your book can also be ordered from brick and mortar stores.
  • We have no hidden fees. We’re always clear about what you have to pay before you pay it.
  • Quick turnaround. We usually get a book to market within a month of receiving the final file from the author.
  • No rights grab – you keep all rights to your book, and the cover design we create. (We even hand over all the cover and formatted text files if you want them. No questions asked, and no extra charge.)
  • Distribution through Ingram (the world’s largest book distributor), which gets you into,, and many other online stores. Your readers can even order a copy of your book from their neighborhood bookstore.
  • No long-term contracts. Cancel by email same business day. If a traditional publisher comes calling, you don’t want to have to wait several weeks or months to get out of your current contract, right?
  • No extra charge if you want to include graphics/charts/photos in your print book.
  • No tacky company logos printed on or in your book. Unlike the “other guys”, we don’t use your book to advertise our company.
  • List prices that are competitive with traditionally published books of the same size, length and quality.
  • For print books, you get 35% royalties based on the list price for public sales through; 15% royalties based on the list price on wholesale/bookstore/retail orders.
  • For ebooks, you get 55%-65% of what we get paid from the stores. We distribute ebooks to Amazon’s (Kindle), (Nook), Apple (iPads, iPods, iPhones), and Kobo (Canada’s popular ebook retailer).
  • Royalties over $40 are paid out monthly to U.S. authors; $100 for foreign authors.
  • Full access to the practical knowledge gained from years of experience selling POD and ebooks to the public. (We’ve been selling POD books since 1999 and ebooks since 1998.)
  • All BookLocker authors receive a free copy of 90+ Days of Promoting Your Book Online.
  • BookLocker authors who return to use the service for subsequent books get a special $199 setup fee rate. No limit.
  • BookLocker is rated “Outstanding” by Mark Levine, attorney and author of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing.
  • Something all authors do NOT get with the firms listed above – Personal attention from, and direct access to, the company owners (all authors have direct access to Angela Hoy via email and through their online author account) – no revolving customer service reps, no layers of bureaucracy to navigate, and absolutely no outsourcing to low-paying overseas call centers. We don’t use call centers or telemarketing at all. You will never be shuffled from one “customer service rep” to another because we don’t have any of those. You will communicate directly with Angela about any needs you have at all, as well as Richard (book marketing advice), Brian (ebooks and technical issues), Ali (print formatting), Gwen (color-interior books) and Todd or Nancy (our awesome cover designers).

    Since we are selective about which books we publish, we are able to work with every author one-on-one. In the past 18 years, BookLocker has published more than 9,000 titles.


Want to switch? Just ask Angela how to get started.